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Taking the Milwaukee music scene by storm, the members of Redeye have toured the Midwest opening for major country acts for the past several years, garnering a large base of loyal fans. Redeye strikes a compelling mix between the old and the new, with a set list of both contemporary and classic hits from artists like Johnny Cash,  Brad Paisley, Chris Young, Stevie Ray Vaughn, and Eric Church. Unpredictable, energetic, and ferocious: there is never a dull moment when Redeye takes the stage.

Redeye's intense yet refined sound comes from the experienced musicianship of its members. Members George (drums), David (keyboard), and Mitch (guitar) have been playing music together for more than half a decade, and each has over ten years of experience playing their respective instruments. They are all classically trained and have been involved in various, blues, jazz, and alternative rock projects. Erik (guitar and lead vocals) has been involved in the country music scene for nearly a decade, and his distinguished voice rounds out the band's sound perfectly with a sound heavily reminiscent of old style country. Newcomer to Redeye, Will (vocals), brings his own unique sense of vocal style to the band, providing both powerful lead performances and tasteful harmonies.

Come see them play live in 2016 when they once again tour the Midwest. This is one act you cannot miss.




See what fans are saying about redeye


"You guys were absolutely phenomenal..." - Jessika Sly
"Redeye's talent and original sound made for an unforgettable opening act. Looking forward to seeing them again." -Joe Kolonko
"You all rocked at the concert..." -Corey Moore 
"Love you guys and P.S. you made my heart race..." -Abby Sinner

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